Jean Huber, LCSW

To Handle a Difficult Person, Control Yourself

It seems that interacting with a difficult person can often be an everyday occurrence. As much as you may try to avoid them, they have a way of creeping into your life. It may be your boss, co-worker, the cashier at the store, or a number of other people you encounter. Whoever it is, a difficult […]

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Decision Making: How Trustworthy is Your Gut?

Most likely you’ve heard the expression “going with your gut” or “following your heart” when one is faced with a significant decision. These little tidbits of advice might seem deep and profound, but are they actually reliable? For example, is it truly possible for your gut to know more than your brain? After all, your […]

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What Are the Blue Zones and How Do They Affect Longevity?

Living in paradisaical conditions—clean air, sunshine, fresh and healthy food, taking it easy. Who wouldn’t want that? Just dreaming about getting away from the pollution-filled environment of the big city—skyscrapers, noisy streets, fast food, daily rush of work deadlines—seems to add length to your lifespan. But are there such magical places where you just live […]

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How Accumulating Daily ‘Micro-Moments of Positivity’ Can Result In Better Well-being

We all want better well-being. No question there. Unfortunately, there seem to be so many things that drag us down on a daily basis. Maybe it’s feelings of anxiety and depression. Maybe it’s unpleasant economical or personal circumstances. Or maybe it’s the negative attitude of others around us. Overcoming chronic negativity is challenging, to say […]

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Your Journal Your Way: Journaling Questions Answered

“I really don’t have time to write a journal.” “I wouldn’t know what to write about.” “I’m a terrible writer.” “I don’t see what good journaling would do.” Have you said any of these things when someone suggested you write in your journal? In fact, why would a person living in modern society keep a […]

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How Your Appreciation of the Arts Makes You a Better Person

Do you like music and dance? Perhaps you’re moved by a stimulating salsa rhythm, deeply touched by a stirring orchestral composition, or amazed by the beautiful choreography of a ballet performance. Do graphic artworks catch your eyes? Maybe you’re drawn to the passionate expressiveness of colors in a painting, the unusual combination of materials of […]

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