Jean Huber, LCSW

After the Honeymoon: 6 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Going Strong

What do you think of when falling in love?

There’s the excitement of being with your partner and having new experiences together. It seems as if every day offers something fresh and exciting.

This is typically called the “honeymoon” stage of a relationship. Make no mistake, it does feel great.

However, this time period only goes so far. After the honeymoon stage, it’s up to both of you to keep the relationship going strong.

Consider these six valuable tips to help your relationship grow.

1. Recognize and Celebrate Your Differences

When you are first getting together as a couple, you tend to focus on things you have in common. For instance, sharing a common love for music, movies, TV shows, or sports.

However, eventually, you both start to notice differences between one another. That’s okay!

Recognize those differences and celebrate them. They are what makes each of you unique individuals, and they can add quality and character to the relationship.

If those difference become a problem, work together to find a compromise. Remember that compromise is important for any successful relationship.

2. Intimacy vs. Sex

An exciting part of a new relationship is the physical intimacy between the two of you. Sex is an important component of relationships. Indeed, during the honeymoon stage, you both probably have a greater desire for sex.

However, after the honeymoon is over, take intimacy to another level through spiritual and emotional intimacy. Have conversations about what motivates and inspires you. And share experiences that bring you emotionally closer together.

Sex is fun, but it will be those deeper discussions that create a long-lasting relationship.

3. Focus on Friendship

Don’t just aim to be lovers. Rather, work to develop a meaningful friendship. Couples who have been together for decades often say that their partner is their best friend.

Of course, with friendship comes belonging and acceptance. These are important for romantic relationships as well. That’s because, over time, these aspects help to build trust. Trust, in turn, is the bedrock of any loving relationship.

4. Continue to Have New Experiences

During the honeymoon stage, you may want to go out with your partner all the time. It’s fun going to shows, exploring new restaurants, and having fun with someone whom you enjoy spending time with.

However, after the honeymoon is over, it’s easy to get stuck in a typical routine that lacks spark. That’s why it’s important for couples to still get out and do things that are fun, interesting, and continue to bring you both together.

In fact, you may want to add something completely new and different to your collection of experiences now and then.

5. Show Appreciation for Each Other

After the honeymoon stage, you may take for granted why you appreciate your partner. It’s important that you both think about those reasons and continue to show appreciation for each other whenever possible.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. You could cook a meal, write a card, or even give flowers as a way to show appreciation. Or, you can just say, “I really appreciate you. Thank you for being here with me.”

6. Remember to Listen

Often, you hear how it’s important for couples to communicate effectively with one another. In communication, listening is just as important as speaking, yet oftentimes overlooked.

When you are with your partner really focus on listening to what they have to say. Allow what they are saying to be absorbed by you. That way you can truly understand where they are coming from and what they are telling you.

True, the honeymoon stage doesn’t last forever. However, the time after the honeymoon can last for years and even decades. With a little time and effort, you can keep the spirit of the honeymoon stage alive, while steadily working to create a much deeper and emotionally satisfying relationship with your partner.

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