Jean Huber, LCSW


Depression? Anxiety? A Troubled Relationship?
The Positive Change You Want Starts Here

Welcome, and congratulations on making your way to my website. One out of four Americans will experience a significant psychological problem this year — but only a small percentage will be clear-minded enough to seek out professional help the way you are doing.

It would be my pleasure to work with you to create the solutions you want and get more fulfillment out of life.

“A New York State of Mind”

As a New Yorker, you have more opportunities for advancement. More good things to enjoy. More interesting people to relate to. At the same time, the pace is faster here, more stressful, and there’s far less social support.

For nearly 20 years, I’ve helped individuals and couples flourish in this high-energy environment by providing treatment in these key areas:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety, including panic attacks
  • Work relationships and career development
  • Life change, transitions, and personal development
  • Couples counseling, including dating
  • Premarital and marriage counseling, family counseling, and divorce counseling
  • Adolescent issues

My patients are successful adults, by and large, a diverse and open-minded group. Up-and-coming professionals. Creative types. Established families from throughout the Metro area. They have a safe place here with me in Greenwich Village — which is, after all, a traditional haven of free discussion and exploration.

Therapy Proven to Get Results

My style is warm and sympathetic, unlike that of some stereotyped psychologists and psychiatrists. I can be challenging, yes; but studies show that a fundamentally positive relationship is needed to produce the best outcome.

Along with warmth, I provide clinically-proven cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic psychotherapy. The first approach trains you to keep a watchful eye on negative patterns of thinking and apply techniques to control them. The second one gets to the roots of such patterns and changes basic neurological wiring over time (see my article on “Thinking a New You”). Both are at least as effective as medication, but more natural and longer-lasting.

How to Take the First Step

You were born to enjoy satisfaction, to handle problems effectively and feel optimistic. To get back on track, please take a moment to browse through my website, including “About Jean” and “Location,” for a closer look at my neighborhood.

Then, to arrange your initial session, call my office at 212-243-0707 or click here to e-mail an appointment request. I’ll get back to you promptly; we can discuss fees and other practical terms of service, and schedule a time for you.

I look forward to meeting you and working together.

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